Happy Heart of The King of The Pop

Light hidden in the Grass

Lightness in the air – acrylic painting

Lehkost v povětří, akrylová malba, 80×80 cm

Apricot aroma – acrylic

Vůně meruněk, 60×80 cm

Light hidden in the Grass

Light hidden in the grass  vera ema tataro

Light in crystals

Světlo v krystalech

acrylic painting on canvas, 80x80x4 cm

light in crystals

Beer – Pivo

tataro - beer

Enjoy your celebration!

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V tej naší áleji – In Our Alley

15. November 2016 – 31. January 2016 – solo exhibition In our alley

Bohemia sekt centrum, Stary Plzenec, Czech republic

tvera ema tataro - exhibition

Drifting in the wind

acrylic painting on canvas, 80×80 cm

vera ema tataro art, acrylic


acrylic painting on canvas, 140×90 cm, 2016

vera ema tataro, art, acrylic


Veselé Velikonoce•Happy Easter

tataro happy easter


vera ema tataro art, photography

Autumn Dawn

acrylic painting by vera ema tataro

Inner Vision – acrylic on canvas

Vera Tataro Inner Vision, acrylic painting


tataro window


vera ema tataro eleanor

Deep Purple

tataro deep purple


tataro food

Honey and sun

tataro - honey and sun


tataro reflection

Conundrum Green

my specials 3D acrylic painting from Art collection 2000, 60×60 cm

tataro conundrum

Opening Reception on Friday

tataro exhibition2015b

Abstract artwork

tataro - familiar fragrance

Pictures from the worktable :)

tataro - Pictures from the worktable

tataro - Pictures from the worktable

New artwork

tataro the return of the sun