Lady Purple


Elements collection – Earth

Happy Heart of The King of The Pop


Flying Boys

Cherry blossoms

Dog in the ketchup

Light hidden in the Grass

Beautiful Boletus Hat

Dawn – acrylic painting

Keep smiling

Paradise Island

Rajský ostrov, akrylová malba na plátně, 80×90 cm

Familiar Fragrance – acrylic

Známá vůně, akryl na plátně, 80×85


On The Beach – Yellow Shoes

Kolekce Na pláži – Žluté boty, akrylová malba, 90x170cm

Light hidden in the Grass

Light hidden in the grass  vera ema tataro


acrylic painting on canvas, 80×80 cm

astrid - acrylic painting

Blue Moon – Modrý měsíc


Foolish Food III. – Bláznivé jídlo III.

acrylic painting on canvas 80×90 cm, Private collection

Foolish Food III. - Bláznivé jídlo III.


Selected artists :)

selected artist talent house

Hepl is an art – charity project – Konto bariery

The painting for charity is done :o)  the name is: Tuning of the world

Obraz pro Konto bariery je hotov, jmenuje se : Ladění světa

vera ema tataro ladeni světa

In the reeds – V rákosí

acrylic painting
acrylic painting

obraz je vystaven v Bohemia sekt centru ve dnech 15. listopadu až 31. ledna

painting is exhibited in Bohemia Sekt Centre from 15 November to 31 January

First Step – První krok

acrylic painting on canvas 2012

vera ema tataro first step

Red barn – small artwork

acrylic painting on board, 15×20 cm

vera ema tataro red barn

Blue Roses – the symbol of love and prosperity

tataro blue roses the symbol of love and prosperity, acrylic painting

Of Death – O smrti

acrylic painting on canvas, 90×70 cm

acrylic painting, vera ema tataro