Lady Purple


Elements collection – Earth


Flying Boys

Cherry blossoms

Dog in the ketchup

Light hidden in the Grass

Familiar Fragrance – acrylic

Známá vůně, akryl na plátně, 80×85



acrylic painting on canvas, 80×80 cm

astrid - acrylic painting

Light in crystals

Světlo v krystalech

acrylic painting on canvas, 80x80x4 cm

light in crystals

Star in blue – Hvězdy v modrém

acrylic painting on canvas, 40×40 cm

blue starfish


My Forest – Můj les

acrylic painting on canvas, 120×90 cm

My Forest by vera ema tataro

Foolish Food III. – Bláznivé jídlo III.

acrylic painting on canvas 80×90 cm, Private collection

Foolish Food III. - Bláznivé jídlo III.


Selected artists :)

selected artist talent house

Music – Hudba

tataro music

In the reeds – V rákosí

acrylic painting
acrylic painting

obraz je vystaven v Bohemia sekt centru ve dnech 15. listopadu až 31. ledna

painting is exhibited in Bohemia Sekt Centre from 15 November to 31 January

Enjoy your celebration! ema tataro design

First Step – První krok

acrylic painting on canvas 2012

vera ema tataro first step

V tej naší áleji – In Our Alley

15. November 2016 – 31. January 2016 – solo exhibition In our alley

Bohemia sekt centrum, Stary Plzenec, Czech republic

tvera ema tataro - exhibition

Atonement tree

vera tataro atonement tree

Happy month of October

tataro mr-pumpking

Wall Art

wall art tataro



digital photography, food, drink, lemonade, art, vera ema tataro,

Light, colors and shadows

digital photography

vera ema tataro photography

Illustrations from 1998 :)

combined technique, A4, ink, acrylic, paper

illustrations, acrylic. graphic. art, design,

artistic kicks on red bubble from vera tataro
artistic kicks, vera tataro, art, illustration, black and white, graphic, design, creative,