Above The Clouds

Nad mraky, akrylová malba na plátně, 140×90 cm



Lady Orange – acrylic

Lady Orange, akrylová malba, 90×80 cm

Yes, I’m still here – illustration


Yes, I'm still here

Beer – Pivo

tataro - beer

Rabbits and heavenly bottom

acrylic on board, 24×30 cm

Rabbits and heavenly bottom - acrylic on board


acrylic painting on canvas, 140×90 cm, 2016

vera ema tataro, art, acrylic


Big friends

vera ema tataro illustrations, design

Pause on a meadow

watercolor, 2000

vera ema tataro illustrations

Veselé Velikonoce•Happy Easter

tataro happy easter


vera ema tataro art, photography

Autumn Dawn

acrylic painting by vera ema tataro

Christmas cards for charity 2016

tataro christmas cards

Stained Glass Pattern

tataro Stained Glass Pattern

illustrations for book

Illustration for the advertising campaign of Albert’s garden


vera ema tataro illustrations

Stars of mermaids

acrylic on board

vera  tataro stars of mermaids

Onion only

vera ema tatro onion


acrylic on canvas, 70×90 cm, 2004

vera tataro trip


vera ema tataro gentleman

my tender midnight breeze …

acrylic on board, illustrations from children’s book

we are looking for a publisher…

children’s book night-night


Thank you :)

vera ema tataro new year

Pillow : )



tataro vanoce-2015

Round air

tataro round air

the series Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot

Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot No. 22

tataro-the series Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot

Atonement Tree

tataro atonement tree