Bohemian pattern – Throw Pillow


Flying Boys

Dog in the ketchup

Mermaid and Light of the Star

Dawn – acrylic painting

Keep smiling

Above The Clouds

Nad mraky, akrylová malba na plátně, 140×90 cm

Paradise Island

Rajský ostrov, akrylová malba na plátně, 80×90 cm

Elements – Water

z kolekce Živly, Živel – voda, akryl na plátně, 90 x 140 cm

Bored? Buy the raccoon! – acrylic

Nudíte se? Kupte si medvídka mývala  – akrylová malba na plátně, 1999

Apricot aroma – acrylic

Vůně meruněk, 60×80 cm

Question hanging in the air

Element – Air

Živel Vzduch, kolekce Živly, 90×140 cm, akrylová malba

Element Ait - vera ema tataro

Yes, I’m still here – illustration

Yes, I'm still here

Cards of the life – collection

vera ema tataro Cards of the life

Enjoy your celebration! ema tataro design

V tej naší áleji – In Our Alley

15. November 2016 – 31. January 2016 – solo exhibition In our alley

Bohemia sekt centrum, Stary Plzenec, Czech republic

tvera ema tataro - exhibition

Happy month of October

tataro mr-pumpking

Chocolate Girl

vera ema tataro chocolate girl

Classic pattern

vera ema tataro design pattern


tvera ema t ataro bittersweet


wormwood, nature, illustrations, vera tataro

Mushroom :o)

acrylic paintign on canvas, 50×40 cm

art, acrylic painting, contemporary, humor, mushrooms

Light, colors and shadows

digital photography

vera ema tataro photography

Starlight on the path

acrylic on board, 24×18 cm

acrylic, illustration, art, drawing, creative

Red Nose Day :o)

vera ema tataro design