Mr. Potbelly and Mr. Snot


Dog in the ketchup

Beautiful Boletus Hat

Keep smiling


On The Beach – Yellow Shoes

Kolekce Na pláži – Žluté boty, akrylová malba, 90x170cm

Question hanging in the air

Yes, I’m still here – illustration

Yes, I'm still here

Beer – Pivo

tataro - beer

Mr. Potbelly and Mr. Snot No. 27

tataro Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot No. 27

Illustration for children book

vera ema tataro Pippa I.

Happy month of October

tataro mr-pumpking

Chocolate Girl

vera ema tataro chocolate girl

They landed on the moon…

vera ema tataro moon

In The Pool

3D acrylic painting on canvas

vera ema tataro in the pool

Mushroom :o)

acrylic paintign on canvas, 50×40 cm

art, acrylic painting, contemporary, humor, mushrooms

Red Nose Day :o)

vera ema tataro design

Illustration for a book

tataro pavouk na šalvěji, illustrace

The series Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot

Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot No. 10

Mr. Potbelly & Mr. Snot No. 10

Speaking underwater

vera ema tataro art, acrylic

Coloring book for Ostrava City

vera ema tataro art, illustrations, children book

They landed on the moon …

acrylic on board, hand made wooden frame, 2013

vera ema tataro art, acrylic

Fashion designer

watercolor, illustrations, tataro

Pause on a meadow

watercolor, 2000

vera ema tataro illustrations

Veselé Velikonoce•Happy Easter

tataro happy easter