Art Book

V tej naší áleji – In Our Alley

15. November 2016 – 31. January 2016 – solo exhibition In our alley

Bohemia sekt centrum, Stary Plzenec, Czech republic

tvera ema tataro - exhibition

They landed on the moon…

vera ema tataro moon

Wall Art

wall art tataro


Red barn – small artwork

acrylic painting on board, 15×20 cm

vera ema tataro red barn


tvera ema t ataro bittersweet

In The Pool

3D acrylic painting on canvas

vera ema tataro in the pool

On the courtyard

3D acrylic painting on canvas

vera tataro on the courtyard

My acrylic painting from 1999 :o)

acrylic painting  from 1999, 60 x 90 cm