Coffee – illustration


Lightness in the air – acrylic painting

Lehkost v povětří, akrylová malba, 80×80 cm

Apricot aroma – acrylic

Vůně meruněk, 60×80 cm

Enjoy your celebration! ema tataro design

Ornamental Shadow Play

tataro ornamental shadow paly

Illustrations from 1998 :)

combined technique, A4, ink, acrylic, paper

illustrations, acrylic. graphic. art, design,

artistic kicks on red bubble from vera tataro
artistic kicks, vera tataro, art, illustration, black and white, graphic, design, creative,

Morning tea

vera ema tataro art


vera ema tataro eleanor

Blueberry Meadow

Blueberry Meadow - pattern design

Tree of cognizance

tataro tree of cognizance


Snímek obrazovky 2015-12-07 v 10.17.49

Autumn leaves fall

ema tataro  autumn


ema tataro refraction

Tooth brush – acrylic

tataro tooth-brush

On The Sky

tataro flying fish

On the water

acrylic on board, 25×30 cm

tataro blue duck


Night Night Baby Heart is an illustrated nursery rhyme lullaby.


Storm dragon

acrylic on board, 15×20 cm

tataro storm dragon

Life in details – abstract collage

acrylic painting on canvas, created from small paintings (15x15cm)

tataro - acrylic collage