Lady Purple


Elements collection – Earth


Coffee – illustration

Earth Garden

Zahrada země III. – akrylová malba

acrylic painting on canvas, 70X90 cm


Mermaid and Light of the Star

Lady Orange – acrylic

Lady Orange, akrylová malba, 90×80 cm

Earth Garden III. – acrylic

Zahrada země III. , 70×90 cm, Kolekce Matka země

Earth garden III. Vera Ema Tataro

Element – Air

Živel Vzduch, kolekce Živly, 90×140 cm, akrylová malba

Element Ait - vera ema tataro

Chocolate Girl

vera ema tataro chocolate girl

Illustrations from 1998 :)

combined technique, A4, ink, acrylic, paper

illustrations, acrylic. graphic. art, design,

artistic kicks on red bubble from vera tataro
artistic kicks, vera tataro, art, illustration, black and white, graphic, design, creative,

Traveler – sketch

vera tataro art

Red Nose Day :o)

vera ema tataro design

Of Death – O smrti

acrylic painting on canvas, 90×70 cm

acrylic painting, vera ema tataro


acrylic painting on canvas, 140×90 cm, 2016

vera ema tataro, art, acrylic


Christmas cards for charity 2016

tataro christmas cards

Stars of mermaids

acrylic on board

vera  tataro stars of mermaids

Earth Garden

…collection about Mother Earth 🙂

vera ema tataro earth garden


ema tataro visitor

Limousine convertible

vera tataro limousine

Red Lady

vera emma tataro red lady

vera ema tataro red lady

Opening Reception on Friday

tataro exhibition2015b

Tooth brush – acrylic

tataro tooth-brush

Art Collection 2002

tataro art collection


digital illustration, Illustrator


Pictures from the worktable :)

tataro - Pictures from the worktable

tataro - Pictures from the worktable